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4 Reasons Why You Should Use Pohacee Hookah Charcoal for Shisha

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Pohacee Hookah Charcoal for Shisha

These days, many people spend their leisure time smoking shisha to get relaxed. Some people do it at a shisha lounge, some others prefer doing it at home. Whichever you prefer, the key to a good shisha-smoking experience lies in the hookah charcoal you use to light the shisha.

Thankfully, today there are a lot of options of hookah charcoal you can choose from. However, if you want to get the best shisha-smoking experience, make sure to use good-quality charcoal like the one you can get from Pohacee Indonesia. Established in 2017, Pohacee has been producing and exporting its hookah charcoal to many countries.

Provides hookah charcoal with the best quality

It has become one of Pohacee’s commitments to always deliver the best hookah charcoal for our customers. No wonder that Pohacee is known for its high-quality hookah charcoal made from 100% natural coconut.

Using coconut shells as raw material, each batch is individually tested in an independent laboratory to make sure its ash, moisture, volatile matter, and carbon content are in good condition. Pohacee also always keeps samples of each batch of our briquettes. This allows us to produce hookah charcoal for repeat bulk orders with the same level of quality and specifications.

To maintain the quality of our charcoal briquettes, Pohacee strictly controls each stage of our production process. This includes coconut shell selection, cleaning, carbonization, drying, and even packaging. As buyers, you are welcome to visit Pohacee’s charcoal factory to check and monitor our production process.

Environmentally friendly

Our raw materials play an important role in helping us produce the best quality hookah charcoal briquettes. All of our products are produced from 100% natural coconut shells without the use of artificial chemicals. Pohacee is using raw coconut shells from Java and Sulawesi Islands in Indonesia.

It is also important to mention that Pohacee never cuts trees to manufacture our charcoal. That being said, Pohace’s hookah charcoal is environmentally friendly. And since we do not add extra chemicals, our charcoal can last an entire shisha-smoking session without having to change charcoals even once.

It creates less ash and produces no smell

The use of 100% natural compressed coconut shells allows Pohacee to manufacture hookah charcoal that is not only environmentally friendly but also creates less ash and produces no smell. As we mentioned before, we always test our batch of raw materials in an independent laboratory. The test shows us that our hookah charcoal briquettes only contain 1.4% ash, which is relatively lower than other similar products out there. 

In addition to having less ash, Pohacee’s natural charcoal also does not smell much compared to other charcoal. However, don’t worry, even though it creates no smell, the use of our hookah charcoal will not take away the flavor of your shisha tobacco.

Superior burning time

Besides the natural material, another important key to manufacturing high-quality hookah charcoal is the burning time. At Pohacee, our minimum time of charcoal burning is 2.5 hours. This allows us to maintain a 30 times drop test without cracking.

Thanks to this superior burning time, Pohacee’s hookah charcoal can last three times longer than other charcoal. In other words, our charcoal has a longer burning time to satisfy your shisha-smoking session. It is also smokeless and does not create any smell. 

For the best shisha-smoking experience, make sure to only use high-quality hookah charcoal that is made from 100% natural materials. You can get it easily at Pohacee Indonesia. Click here to buy hookah charcoal from Pohacee and begin your shisha-smoking session immediately!




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