6 Best Hose Hookah Accessories you Need to Know

Hookah Accessories
Hookah Accessories

For regular hookah smokers, choosing the right hookah accessories can be a daunting task. With everything from HMDs (heat management devices) to plenty of options for coal hookah burners, it’s hard to know where to start. Over the years, eye-catching products have been pushed towards hookah lovers.

Well in this article will only offer hookah accessories products that are fully supported by hookah smokers. You may see more than one brand in a product category. This is to ensure that each customer’s hookah needs are fully met.

The Six Best Hookah Accessories

  1. B2 Silicone Mouthpieces

These B2 Silicone Mouthpieces are a great and very affordable accessory to carry around while smoking with friends or in hookah lounges. It is a much better alternative to single-use plastic funnels and reduces plastic waste and fits perfectly into almost any hose.

These B2 Silicone Mouthpieces are useful for wrapping handles, allowing you to use the hose without actually touching the tip and preventing the spread of germs so that it can be reused. Simply wash it with soap and water and dry it every time you use it.

  • Tangiers Mouthpiece with Steel Lanyard

Tangiers Mouthpiece with Steel Lanyard is a unique accessory that is functional and stylish. The end of this hookah is designed to be screwed into the hose and fits perfectly into most hoses. Tangiers Mouthpiece with Steel Lanyard is a must-have accessory when smoking with friends as it helps you stay hygienic.

In addition to making a fashionable hookah, Tangiers Mouthpiece with Steel Lanyard can also be reused in a great way to reduce the spread of plastic waste. Tangiers Mouthpiece with Steel Lanyard comes with steel straps and derby cap charm. Similar to the kind of hat that Tangier’s owner once wore.

  • Thunder Hoses V3

Thunder Hose V3 is one of the best hoses sold on the market. The Thunder V3 is equipped with an all-black plastic hose and a colorable hard plastic tip that can be attached and removed for easy cleaning. The end of the hose is bright and colorful and can be attached to any hookah. This hose is the same as the previous version. The only difference is the new color options. Many hookah smokers also enjoy the lightweight feel of the hose and the ease of smoking this hookah.

  • Cyril Hose Handle

Perhaps one of the most affordable reusable hoses on the market, Cyril hoses work as well as any other hose on the market and can meet the budget of any hookah smoker. Cyril Hose Handle itself Made of aluminum, it is 12 inches long and available in a variety of handle colors to choose from. This hookah hose has a heel grip so you can pair it with any color silicone you like.

  • Flaca Hose

Flaca Hose is a thinner version of HJ Knurled Hose. The handle is made of food grade aluminum and includes a handle, silicone hose and hose adapter. Don’t let this sleek design fool you because of its rugged and extremely durable nature. This Flaca Hose can be perfectly paired with SAOCCA hookahs and only requires hose gaskets when paired with other hookahs.

  • B2 Hose

B2 Hose is a simple design made of high quality aluminum and has a food grade silicone hose. The heel of the hose (the part connecting to the hookah) is made specifically for hookah B2. The B2 Hose is equipped with a plastic o-ring that fits most B2 V3, B2 F-22, B2 Reaper, and B2 SS-Inox hose ports. This means you no longer have to deal with annoying hose gaskets when pairing the B2 Hose with your B2 hookah.


As you can see from throughout this article, hose hookah accessories are indeed a complex topic, but they must be understood if you want to enjoy the best hookah experience. And also Thank you for reading this guide for trusting us to recommend you the choice for the best hookah accessory on the market to date.