Hookah Smokers, Here Are 3 Types of Hookah Charcoals You Urge to Know

Hookah Smokers, Here Are 3 Types of Hookah Charcoals You Urge to Know

hookah charcoals

hookah charcoals

The quality of hookah smoking is dependent on three main factors: the substance, the device, and the coal. Yes, you read it right; coal is one of the main factors for hookah smoking. Hookah needs specialized charcoal for the burning media as it is affecting the taste and the flavor of the smoke. There are three types of charcoal specialized for hookah. Those types of hookah charcoals are categorized by the ingredients and their burning characteristics. What are they?

Quick Light Hookah Charcoals

The quick light or instant light hookah charcoal is coal that burns in a short time. This hookah charcoal is often found in a short circular cylinder or disk shape. Coal is considered an extremely convenient coal option since, as its name implies, burns quicker than any other type of charcoal.

Quick light hookah charcoals is mixed in a chemical accelerant that allows the disk to be lit using a normal flame lighter. You don’t need more than 2-3 minutes to get the coal fully lit. While burning, the coal will spark as the accelerant burns. Since it is easy to prepare, quick light hookah is convenient for traveling or out in nature.

However, the mixed accelerant is notorious among the hookah enjoyers thanks to its interference with the shisha flavors. The coal also has a shorter burning period which requires the users to change more often in one session only.

Natural Hookah Charcoal

Natural hookah charcoal is currently the most popular type of charcoal to be used on hookah lounges or bars. It is made of 100% coconut husks and compressed into a cube or flat even though they have other shapes. The best natural hookah charcoals mostly comes from Sulawesi and Sumatra, Indonesia.

Natural hookah charcoals does not contain any chemical accelerant or coating. The coal takes around 7-10 minutes to be fully lighted depending on the burner. It also cannot be lit using a normal flame lighter so you may need an electric coil stove or charcoal burner. However, this type of charcoal can last up to 2.5 hours!

Despite its longer lighting time, natural hookah charcoals is considered the best coal for hookah. With no chemical accelerant or any other substances, this hookah charcoal will not affect the flavor and the texture of the shisha. It provides cleaner smoke sessions that convey the user’s experience.

Silver Hookah Charcoal

The last type of charcoal for hookah is silver hookah charcoal. The coal is a hybrid version of quick light and natural-style coals. Named by its appearance, the coal has a square tab shape with silver-colored film. The silver coating layer acts as a chemical accelerant, while the tab contains compressed coconut husks. It eases the cubes to burn with only a simple lighter but lasts longer.

The silver style will only produce a medium heat level since the coal is a combination between quick lighting and natural style coals. Moreover, the coals also have a lower effect on odor and taste since the accelerant used is smaller.

The silver layer will not spark like the quick light charcoal, but it will burst off as the charcoal heats up. Pro tips, while using this coal, make sure the silver coating has completely burned off before adding it to the hookah bowl. It will minimize the contamination of the accelerant.

Looking at the types of charcoal above, you might need to think about which coal exactly meets your preferences. For hookah enthusiasts, the best coal for your smoking session is natural hookah charcoal since it will not affect your favorite shisha flavors. Also, the coal will last longer so you can spend your relaxing time better.

Make sure your coal supply is the best in its type. Pohacee’s Hookah Charcoal is 100% made of coconut shells from Sulawesi and Sumatra, Indonesia. The coal is odorless and burns three times longer than ordinary coal. The burn is up to 180 minutes with a temperature at a minimum of 500 ºC. Pohacee’s Hookah Charcoal is an eco-friendly product since it needs no tree cut for the manufacturing process. Get your Pohacee’s Hookah Charcoal now!


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