5 Myths and Facts about Hookah that You Should Know

5 Myths and Facts about Hookah that You Should Know


Having hookah to enjoy substances has become popular for the last 2-3 years. Even though this leisure activity has already been around for centuries, those youngsters out there are having hookah as a new habit. As always, there are also rumors spread among them about hookah and everything around it. The hookah and the vape, the hookah charcoal shape, and a lot more rumors that couldn’t be verified. No worries because here are the list of truth behind the major myths about hookah!



What is Hookah?

Before taking note of the myths and facts, you should know about the hookah itself. Hookah is a pipe-like device used for tobacco smoking. Compared to the conventional smoking methods, hookah smoking is considered a healthier option. Most hookah tobaccos are mixed with juice, which makes them fruity and enjoyable. To take a hookah session, you need to prepare the device and light some specialized hookah charcoal. The heat will burn the substances and its smoke will go through the water chamber to cool down, resulting in a smooth and silky smoke.

Myths and Facts

#1. “Hookah and vape are the same things”

They are not. You might think that both hookah and vape are creating silky clouds which are tasty and silky. However, the hookah setup is a little bit intricate. The heated tobacco molasses creates smoke which then passes through a cool water chamber in a pipe-like device. It is commonly shared in groups. Vaping, however, is a smoking activity that uses an electric device for burning substances to produce vapors. Vaping is more similar to smoking rather than hookah.

#2. “There is no difference between hookah and shisha”

This could be partly right depending on the case. Even professionals indeed use both words interchangeably. However, hookah refers to the device while shisha refers to the substance. In other words, you can use hookah to enjoy your shisha.

#3. “Adding milk to your hookah base will give you bigger smoke clouds”

Please don’t do that because it won’t. Putting milk instead of water as a hookah base is something that you should never experiment with. While the air runs to the hookah, milk will froth up a lot. The milk will stick into the parts of the hookah. Unless you clean your rig between each session, the milk causes bacteria to grow inside the hookah. Your device will smell bad and also could be harmful to your lungs.

#4. “It’s better to use natural hookah charcoal than the quick lighting one”

Yes, it does. This fact is based on the composition of the hookah charcoal itself. The quick lighting hookah charcoal is mixed with an accelerator agent. It helps the charcoal to burn easily even using a small lighter. However, the accelerator agent affects the substance inside so the taste and the texture will be different.

The natural hookah charcoal does not affect the taste and texture of your hookah session. It is made of natural resources that are compacted into charcoal. The natural hookah charcoal also lasts longer than the other charcoal so you can enjoy your hookah with some friends. Pohacee provides the best quality natural hookah charcoal. It is made of 100% coconut husk from Sulawesi and Sumatra. It lasts more than 2.5 hours and heats at a minimum of 500 Celsius degrees.

#5. “Charcoal for hookah comes in different shapes”

Hookah charcoal indeed has different shapes according to the smoking style. You can find cubes, flats, cubettes, finger/stick, cuboid, hex, disk, and even a quarter circle. Each of them has different pros and cons to be used as hookah charcoal. Fingers, for example, sit nicely around a chimney set. However, this shape is less likely to cause heat spikes.

The most common and stable hookah charcoal comes in cube shape. It offers a slow burn and fits into any hookah bowl. The secret in using cube coal is rotating the cubes along the session to get the best combustion. It will spread the ember on its surface. You can also get the cube charcoal in Pohacee.

Now you know the myths and facts about hookah. We hope the explanation above could help you shed some light on the topic of hookah smoking. Just make sure to use good-quality hookah charcoal like the ones from Pohacee to enhance your hookah smoking session!

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