Step by Step How To Use A Hookah With Coal

How To Use A Hookah With Coal
How To Use A Hookah With Coal

How to use a hookah with coal – Hookah’s way of smoking is different from how to smoke tobacco in general. The hookah has a device in the form of a tube that will then be filled with water in the vase section. In the tube, the tobacco will then be heated using charcoal that has been shaped like coal.

The tobacco used contains a variety of fruit flavors that will give a fresh fruity aroma to those who smoke it.  Well, Now it’s time to prepare your session and start looking for how to use a hookah with coal with the full explanation below.

Step by Step How To Use A Hookah With Coal

  1. Choosing Hookah Charcoal

Coal with hookah is available in different shapes and sizes, as well as different lighting methods. It takes a little longer to prepare, but we recommend that you use only natural charcoal. This is because it does not contain the harsh chemicals found in light charcoal that can spoil the flavor of shisha tobacco. Nusa Coco Charcoal – Hexagon is a great choice because it burns longer and cleaner than most coal options on the market. Also, a hexagon fits better around a chimney than a charcoal cube.

2. Turn On Hookah Charcoal

If you plan to use natural coal, buying an electric stove for coal is a wise investment. You can always use coal lighting on a gas or electric stove (avoid glass stoves), but depending on the design of the stove, cleaning the ash can be a hassle, and you risk ash getting into your food. to hurt you you may have prepared before getting it.

The amount of coal you use is determined by the size of your bowl and the size of the foil/screen on it. Make sure the charcoal is placed evenly over the foil/screen so that it heats evenly in the shisha mixture. Also cover as many foil areas/screens as possible so that the bowl is heated properly.

Three charcoal sticks or cubes are ideal for most bowls. For smaller bowls, try 2 sticks or cubes, and if you have a large bowl that can hold 4 pieces without dripping sideways. One thing to keep in mind is that coal must be within the diameter of the bowl. If the diameter of the screen is larger than the bowl, there is no real benefit to burning more coal.

Using tongs, place the coal rod or cube on the electric stove for about 10 minutes. During this time, it is recommended to periodically rotate the coal so that it burns evenly. Once the coal is lit orange, it can be moved to foil/screen. Do not forget to turn off the electric stove after use.

3. warm the bowl in advance

Place the charcoal on the outer edge of the foil and let it sit for 5-10 minutes until the bowl is hot. The shisha mixture expands slightly when heated, so heating it gradually without adding air will make your session more enjoyable. Remember that there will be good things to come to those who wait. Shisha is no exception.

4. Start drawing gently

Well, now you are ready to smoke with hookah.  When you first start sucking air through the mouthpiece, don’t inhale too hard. The mixture will overheat and cause discomfort. Breathe naturally in a short burst. After a few minutes later, you can start smoking normally without having to experience any symptoms.

Make sure your hookah is clean Before using the hookah for the first time and if it gets dirty, clean it with water and a soft brush. All components must first be removed and cleaned. However, the hose should be considered water-safe unless replaced and also Wash and dry with a towel before proceeding again.