5 Tips to Choose the Best Natural Hookah Coals

5 Tips to Choose the Best Natural Hookah Coals

How to pick the best natural hookah coals? These days, there are a lot of natural hookah coals products available in the market. Ranging from quick-light to natural, cubes to hexagon, you name it. On one side, it gives you more alternatives, but the wide options may be confusing sometimes. To help you pick the best one, here are five tips to choose the best hookah charcoal!

Make sure it’s made from natural materials
natural hookah coals

natural hookah coals

When you’re confused about which to choose, natural charcoal is the safe option. From the ingredients to the taste, natural charcoal is a better choice than its contenders like quick-lighting or silver coal.

Natural materials bring a better-tasting hookah session since it has no odor and taste. Without any unwanted odor and taste, the shisha flavor won’t be spoiled. Other than that, natural charcoal is safer for your health since it has no toxic content like benzene.

Pohacee is an answer if you’re looking for natural hookah charcoal. With 100% coconut shell composition, Pohacee’s hookah charcoal has no odor, no spark, no crack, less ash, and is smokeless, which helps you to savor the shisha better.

Check the natural hookah coals color when it’s lit

One pro tip when picking your hookah charcoal is to check the color. When coal is lit, you can see a color alteration. Charcoal with cheap content and binder chemicals will turn from black to ashy white when burned. Better charcoal gives you a shade of brown when it is ignited with fire.

However, not all sellers out there offer you to burn the coal before payment. So make sure to ask the seller if you are allowed to do so. If you can’t find any, try to buy charcoal in a smaller package to avoid waste.

Test the charcoal’s density

The easiest trick to know the best natural hookah coals is by testing its density. Better quality charcoal has a denser substance when compared to the less one. When you buy charcoal, try to press it with your hand. Place a piece of coal between your thumb and index finger, and then press it hard.

Charcoal with a low level of density will most likely crumble easily. You will find small particles coming off from the coal. On the contrary, high-density charcoal will stay solid when you press it with your hands. It is because denser coal is less porous, leading to a longer burning time with lower heat.

Make sure the charcoal is hard enough
Hookah Charcoal

Hookah Charcoal

To use hookah charcoal, you must light it with fire. For better longevity, make sure that your charcoal is hard enough. Harder charcoal is not easily charred and broken, but it can bring a deeper sear on your shisha smoke. It also produces less ash and carbon monoxide so your hookah session is more enjoyable.

Hard charcoal is easier to clean. It doesn’t leave much gunk settling on your hookah foil. If you want a smooth and constant flame, hard charcoal comes in handy. With fewer pores, the hard coal has better heat control so the fire won’t blow—which can be very dangerous for your surroundings.

Find out about its longevity

Lastly, don’t forget to find out about its longevity when you buy charcoal. Usually, the retailer will put it on its packaging with phrases like “last for 2.5 hours” or “long burning time”. If you can’t find it on the packaging, try to ask the seller. Still get no clue? You can check the coal density. Denser coal tends to stay longer than lighter one.

Why is longevity important? Long-running coal will make your hookah session better. You don’t have to change the coal back and forth. It’s even better if the hookah charcoal can burn slowly in lower-temperature heat.

The best hookah charcoal will give you a great hookah experience. So make sure to pick your charcoal carefully. You can consider natural charcoal like Pohacee as a safe option. Without any chemical composition, natural charcoal will bring out the pure taste of your favorite shisha. Click here for more details!





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