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1.4 %

Ash Content

100 %

Coconut Shell

2.5 H

Long Burning Time

0.1 %



Coconut Shisha Charcoal Briquettes Factory We are able to produce coconut shell charcoal briquettes ash by request according to the required color


Ash Content : 3 - 3.3%

Ash Color : Brown

Fix Carbon : 70% Min

Moisture : 6% max

Volatile Matter : 19% max

Calorific Value : 7500 Kcal

Drop text : 9/10 x 3

Grade B

Ash Content : 2.5 - 3%

Ash color : Grey

Fix Carbon : 75% min

Moisture : 6% max

Volatile Matter : 16% max

Calorific Value : 7500 Kcal

Drop text : 6/10 x 3


Ash Content : 1.4 - 2.5%

Ash color : white grey

Fix Carbon : 80% min

Moisture : 4% max

Volatile Matter : 15.5% max

Calorific Value : 7500 Kcal

Drop text : 9/10 x 3

Grade A

Ash Content : 2.3 - 2.7%

Ash color : white grey

Fix Carbon : 75% min

Moisture : 6% max

Volatile Matter : 15.5% max

Calorific Value : 7500 Kcal

Drop text : 7/10 x 3


Coconut Shisha Charcoal Briquettes Factory We are able to produce coconut shisha charcoal briquettes with 2.5 hours long burning time

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Inner box :
1, 2, 5 kg, inner plastic + Carton/brand box, full color printing

  • Cube

27x27x27mm 56pcs/Kg, 26x26x26mm 64pcs/Kg, 25x25x25mm 72pcs/Kg, 22x22x22mm 96pcs/Kg

  • Finger

18x50mm 72pcs/1Kg, 18x35 102pcs/1Kg, 20x50mm 64pcs/Kg, 20x35mm 94pcs/Kg

  • Hexagonal

20x35mm 94pcs/Kg, 20x50mm 64pcs/Kg


We are a manufacturing and trading company, founded in 2017. Pohacee is a coconut shisha charcoal briquette for shisha and hookah from Indonesia.

Currently, our factory is located in Blora, Indonesia. We can supply coconut shell charcoal briquettes in bulk 500 metric tons per month. We do wholesale coconut charcoal briquettes to the USA, Canada, Germany, Turkey, UAE, Australia, Russia, Brazil.

You can Find Pohacee on Alibaba, Go4worldBusiness, Trade Key, Made in Indonesia and many more B2B marketplace.

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  • Port of loading: Semarang or Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Min order: 18 MT / 20"FCL
  • Production time: 3.5 MT/Day
  • Packaging: 1 kg carton box; 10 kg master box
  • Payment terms: 50% DP, rest against B/L
  • Payment method: Bank transfer (TT)
  • Certificate of Origin
  • MSDS
  • Bill of Lading
  • Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Fumigation, Manufacturer’s Declaration


Vision :

To become the world’s leading company for renewable biomass energy resources

Mision :

To maintain production of high quality charcoal for Barbecue and Hookah. We keep our charcoal made from 100% natural and eco-friendly ingredients, resulting in odorless and smokeless  charcoal.




We guarantee to deliver you 100% natural coconut charcoal briquettes' highest quality according to the specifications. Each raw material (coconut shells) batch is individually tested in the independent laboratory for ash, moisture, carbon content. We keep samples of each batch of charcoal briquettes to be able to produce the same quality & specification for the repeat bulk order. Buyers are welcome to come to our charcoal briquettes factory to check and monitor our production and container staffing. You can use an independent surveyor to control coconut charcoal briquettes quality. We are working with Carsurin and SGS

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Payment Term?


 All payments should be made via TT bank transfer to our company account in Indonesia. We use Bank of BRI and BCA. 

We do accept L/C At Sight for all Countries. Payment should be done in USD, free from issued bank charges.

Payment terms are 50% down payment. After receiving this payment we start production of coconut charcoal briquettes, and production of packaging. After the container is shipped we prepare shipping documents: Bill of Lading, Certificate of origin, invoice, packing list. Right after that, we send you a photocopy of B/L and COO. and you transfer us the rest 50% of payment. After we receive payment we send you original documents via DHL or just a telex release.


Could you accept OEM or Private Label?

 Yes, we support OEM production and produce coconut charcoal with your brand logo and Packaging. Send us your design of packing and we will print it for you.

Please pay attention that our price includes printing the inner box with standard design. If you need a different paper or laminating, emboss – contact us to recalculate the cost of printing.


Could you provide a free sample?

Yes, We provide 1 kg sample of coconut charcoal briquettes for hookah and shisha. Get a free sample of the premium coconut charcoal briquettes.

Samples are free, delivered by DHL paid by the customer. 


Could we visit your Factory?

 Yes, you can visit our coconut charcoal factory in Blora, and our office in Bekasi. Let us know the date and time of your arrival in Indonesia.


How to order?

You can contact us via Whatsapp +62 83147777165 or email us to pohaceemarketing@gmail.com . Then our sales will send the details of coconut charcoal briquettes for hookah & shisha. We produce coconut charcoal briquettes in Regular, Premium and Gorilla grades. The main difference between these types is in Ash content, moisture, volatile matter, and drop test. 

What is your material?

Our coconut charcoal briquettes are manufactured from 100% natural, organically grown coconut shells without any mixes with wood or artificial chemicals. We are sourcing raw coconut shells from Sulawesi and Java islands in Indonesia

Could we custom charcoal?

Yes, We are manufacturing coconut charcoal briquettes and able to adjust quality and price according to the buyer specifications and requests. Briquettes shape and size based on buyer request. 


How about quality control?

We are responsible and commit to the highest quality for the best coconut briquettes. We strictly control all stages from coconut shell selection, cleaning, carbonization to final briquette, drying and packaging. To test coconut charcoal cubes we use a laboratory at the Carsulin. It is an independent laboratory that tests our products on ash content, moisture, volatile matter, and other important parameters. 


How about delivery time?

Estimated transit time of container from Indonesia to ports:

China 15 Days

Korea 21 Days

Jepang 21 Days

Asia  21 Days

Australia 21 Days

Middle East 15-21 Days

Middle East 21 -30 Days

Eropa 30 Days

USA 30 Days

Amerika latin 45 Days


Can I claim the guarantee?

We can guarantee to deliver you 100% natural coconut charcoal briquettes' highest quality according to the specifications.


To Quote a price & quality sheet, send us a message.