4 Type of Shisha Kohle Recommendations that you can Try Today

Shisha kohle is now very popular among young people. When many restaurants and cafes impose smoking bans inside, hookah is widely available as an additional menu in restaurants and cafes. Uniquely, the hookah bill is separate from the meal bill.

To enjoy shisha kohle, you can try different shapes and styles of shisha kohle available on the market these days which will be explained below and see which type of hookah charcoal is the most suitable for you to try

LIst of Shisha Kohle Recommendations

  1. Quick Lighting Charcoals

The shisha charcoal that hookah smokers like the most is the Quick Lighting Charcoals charcoal, which looks like a small black disc or hockey chip. As the name implies, this type of Shisha kohle is the fastest burning charcoal because it is coated with a chemical accelerator that can ignite consistently with cigarette lighters.

However, this also means that this charcoal burns very quickly compared to other types of charcoal and has a stronger aroma and flavor. When ignited, the charcoal begins to light up and slowly changes color from black to orange/red as the charcoal heats up and finally becomes gray/white when fully lit.

  • Silver Hookah Charcoals

Silver Hookah Charcoals is a combination of quick light and natural style coals. This coal is usually a square tab covered with silvery flm that functions as a chemical accelerator so that it can be lit using a regular cigarette lighter. This shisha kohle sits between fast-self-adhesive charcoal and natural shisha kohle, so this shisha kohle is good at producing moderate heat levels.

Fans of this type of shisha kohle usually say that they don’t really need smell and taste compared to shisha kohle Wth fast charging. Lighting this shisha kohle does not produce the same spark effect as standard fast-banded charcoal, but as the charcoal heats up, the silver layer on top curls and begins to burn.

  • Coconut Hookah Charcoal

This type of shisha kohle is made from compacted coconut shells, and is available in a variety of sizes and the most popular shape is the chemical-free ‘flat’ or ‘cube’ shape. Because of the accelerator layer, it takes longer to heat up than a silver frying flashlight or charcoal, but after heating, it burns more efficiently than a coal flashlight, producing less impact and odor when smoking.

Since natural charcoal does not contain a chemical accelerator, it cannot be heated with a lighter and must be properly heated using a single coil heater, it must be placed on a charcoal burner with a “high” setting for about 5 minutes, then use tongs to turn the coal over and heat for 3-4 minutes. As the coal heats up, it will initially start to turn red/orange and turn gray/white when fully lit. Once the charcoal begins to burn properly add shisha tobacco.

  • Natural Wood Hookah

Natural Wood Hookah does not contain chemical accelerators like shisha kohle in general. This means it needs to be heated using a single coil heater and burn cleaner and longer than fast coal. Minimal impact on the taste of hookah.

When I turn on these charcoals, I usually leave them at the ‘high’ setting of the charcoal heater for about 5 minutes, then flip the charcoal with tongs and heat for 3-4 minutes. Scented tobacco molasses can be used to enhance taste and taste. As the coal heats up, it will start to turn red/orange and when fully lit, it will turn gray/white.


The basic function of shisha kohle as a heat source for cooking shisha tobacco and supplying smoke. When the charcoal is ignited, it is placed on top of the foil in a hookah bowl or heat and heat regulating device generated cooking shisha tobacco, creating a sweet and sweet cloud. A little reminder that you can buy shisha kohle online from any online store.