We are Wood Charcoal Supplier and Factory Since 2017. Also, We are able to produce wood charcoal by request according to the required color and quality

Industrial Charcoal

Ash Content : 3.47%

Ash Color : Brown

Fix Carbon : 70%

Moisture : 6.13%

Volatile Matter : 12.34%

Calorific Value : 5500 Kcal

Hardwood Charcoal

Ash Content : 3.2%

Ash color : Grey

Fix Carbon : 75% min

Moisture : 7.13%

Volatile Matter : 17.75%

Calorific Value : 7650 Kcal

Palm Shell Charcoal

Ash Content : 3.2%

Ash color : grey

Fix Carbon : 80% min

Moisture : 7%

Volatile Matter : 5.5%

Calorific Value : 7500 Kcal

Coconut Shell Charcoal

Ash Content : 2.3 - 2.7%

Ash color : white grey

Fix Carbon : 75% min

Moisture : 12%

Volatile Matter : 12.5%

Calorific Value : 7500 Kcal


Pohacee Wood Charcoal Warehouse and Factory in Indonesia then. Also, We are Able to Produce Wood Charcoal with 4 Hours Long Burning Time too

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Lump Charcoal


Made from any kind of wood such as Rambutan, duku, and Jungle Trees. Best for BBQ for restaurants, grilling food

We provide various types of natural wood charcoal (BBQ Charcoal) for various purposes e.g. for restaurants, restaurants, grilling food, satay, fish, seafood, meat, baking pizza, baking india / arab bread, fuel stove anglo  to be cooked in seafood restaurants.

Moisture : 7.25

Ash content 3.28

Volatile metter : 17.67

Fixed carbon 76.58

Gross calorific value : 7,367 J

Lump Charcoal


Made from wood such as large size wood, and will be in the shape of a rectangular box. Best for BBQ for household and restaurants, grilling food, Alam Petak wood charcoal is good for medium burning time BBQ.

Moisture : 7.35

Ash content 3.37

Volatile metter : 17.75

Fixed carbon 76.65

Gross calorific value : 7,392

hardwood charcoal
Halaban Charcoal Indonesia

Lump Charcoal

Halaban Wood Charcoal

  • Made from wood such as halaban sumatera and kalimantan. Best for BBQ for household and restaurants grade charcoal, grilling food, Halaban Charcoal is good for  Barbecue experience.

    Moisture : 6,55

    Ash content 3.10

    Volatile metter : 16.55

    Fixed carbon 78.7

    Gross calorific value : 7,892 J

Shell Wood Charcoal

Coconut Shell Charcoal

Made from Coconut Shell. Best for BBQ , Hookah & Activated Carbon, No tree cut to manufacture this product.


Moisture : 10.79

Ash content 2.5-3

Volatile metter : 12.77

Fixed carbon 75

Gross calorific value : 7,892


coconut shell charcoal
Palm Shell Charcoal

Shell Wood Charcoal

Palm Shell Charcoal

Made from Palm Shell. Best for BBQ  & Activated Carbon, No tree cut to manufacture this product.

Moisture : 7%

Ash content : 3.2%

Volatile metter : 5.5%

Fixed carbon 80

Gross calorific value : 7500 Kcal

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Payment Term?

All payments should be made via TT bank transfer to our company account in Indonesia. We use Bank of BRI and BCA. 

We do accept L/C At Sight for all Countries. Payment should be done in USD, free from issued bank charges.

Payment terms are 50% down payment. After receiving this payment we start production of coconut charcoal briquettes, and production of packaging. After the container is shipped we prepare shipping documents: Bill of Lading, Certificate of origin, invoice, packing list. Right after that, we send you a photocopy of B/L and COO. and you transfer us the rest 50% of payment. After we receive payment we send you original documents via DHL or just a telex release.

Could you accept OEM or Private Label?

 Yes, we support OEM production and produce Wood Lump Charcoal, Alam Petak Charcoal and Halaban Charcoal with your brand logo and Packaging. Send us your design of packing and we will print it for you.

Please pay attention that our price includes printing the bag with standard design. If you need a different bag or laminating bag – contact us to recalculate the cost of printing.

Could you provide a free sample?

Yes, We provide 1 kg sample of Hardwood charcoal BBQ. Get a free sample of the premium Hardwood Charcoal Product.

Samples are free, delivered by DHL paid by the customer. Send your address and we will send the invoice and you can pay with Western Union, Paypal, Transfer Bank.

Could we visit your Factory?

 Yes, you can visit our factory in Lampung and Blora, and our office in Bekasi. Let us know the date and time before you come to indonesia. We can send the invitation card if you need.

How to order?

You can contact us firstly via Whatsapp +62 83147777165 or email us to . Then our sales will send the details of Hardwood Charcoal, Alam petak Charcoal, Halaban Charcoal. You can ask everything about the products like specification, price, shipping. 

What is your material?

Our Lump Hardwood Charcoal is manufactured from 100% natural Wood. We are sourcing basically wood from Sulawesi and Java islands in Indonesia.

How about quality control?

We are responsible and committed to the highest quality for  production of  Charcoal. We strictly control all stages from wood selection, cleaning, drying and finally packaging. To test Hardwood Charcoal we still use a laboratory at Carsurin. It is an independent laboratory that tests our products on ash content, moisture, volatile matter, and other important parameters. 


How about delivery time?

Estimated transit time of container from Indonesia to ports:

China 15 Days

Korea 21 Days

Japan 21 Days

Asia  21 Days

Australia 21 Days

Middle East 15-21 Days

Middle East 21 -30 Days

Eropa 30 Days

USA 30 Days

South America 45 Days

Why Choose Pohacee?

We are a manufacturer and trading company since 2017. Pohacee is a Charcoal Supplier from Indonesia. Indonesia has the best quality and has more kinds of all natural charcoal than other charcoal producer countries. We can provide the best  quality hardwood charcoal to worldwide. Pohacee is a charcoal wholesale supplier to the Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, USA, Canada, Germany, Turkey, UAE, Australia, Russia, Brazil. 

We are using international standard quality process check up. Materials 100% come from Indonesia, because Indonesia is  the best tropical country for natural product.our product is purely made from 100% organic materials with no chemicals.

Currently, our natural hardwood charcoal manufacture  is located in Lampung, Indonesia. Our Hardwood charcoal factory is in Jakarta, Indonesia. We can supply Hardwood Charcoal, Lump Charcoal, Alam Petak Charcoal, Halaban Charcoal bulk 500 metric tons per month. 

We are very excited to be dealing with long term business for successful Hardwood Charcoal transactions based on professionalism, honesty and principles of trust.

You can Find Pohacee on Alibaba, Go4worldBusiness, Trade Key, Made in Indonesia and many more B2B marketplace.


To Quote a price & quality sheet, send us a message.