5 Characteristics of Electric Smoker Vs Charcoal Smoker

Electric smoker vs charcoal smoker
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Electric smoker vs charcoal smokerAlong with the times, alternatives to cigarettes have begun to become popular, such as electric smokers and charcoal smokers. Although it has the same function, there is a significant difference between this electric smoker vs charcoal smoker.

With the development of the times, various alternatives to cigarettes began to become popular. Examples are vapes and shisha. You may have heard both a lot, but can you tell the difference? Here are some explanations related to electric smoker vs charcoal smoker.

Get to know Charcoal Smoker

Charcoal smoker is a typical middle eastern way of smoking. Charcoal smoker is done by sucking smoke from the combustion of tobacco using long hoses connected to water pipes. Shisha also offers a wide selection of flavors that can be mixed with tobacco.

The pipe used on the shisha has four parts, a head section for laying tobacco, a bottom section for collecting water, a pipe section for connecting the head with the base, and a hose used to smoke charcoal smokers. The process of making charcoal smoker begins with placing tobacco that has been mixed with selected flavors on the head and then burning. Burning is usually done with coals or charcoal.

The resulting smoke will be attracted from the bottom, pass through the water reservoir, and finally enter the mouth through the hose. The water in the shisha device functions as a coolant, so the smoke produced is not hot and smoother when compared to ordinary cigarettes.

Get to know Electric Smoker

Electric smoker is actually short for vaporizer or liquid vaporizer. In academia, vaping is often referred to as the Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS). The meaning of ENDS itself is related to the system, which is a battery-powered nicotine liquid heating device, although now not all vape liquids contain nicotine.

electric smoker and charcoal smoker may have something in common, that is, they both have flavors that make you interested in trying them. The difference is that e-cigarettes do not undergo a combustion process. In addition, Electric Smoker produce moisture, not smoke, produced by heating devices. The moisture produced by e-cigarettes contains substances, such as nicotine, which can harm your health.

Some Characteristics of Electric Smoker Vs Charcoal Smoker

  • It consists of several parts ranging from the head as a place for electric smokers or charcoal smokers, the base for heated water, pipes for connecting the base and head. A water pipe to suck the shisha smoke.
  • Heating using charcoal or coals.
  • The smoke smoked feels cold not hot like conventional cigarettes.

Meanwhile, what distinguishes electric smoker from charcoal smoker is:

  • Electric smoker is the definition of a liquid nicotine heating device heated to battery power. Meanwhile, charcoal smokers use a combination of tobacco and jam packaging heated with embers.
  • Electric smoker is part of electronic devices while shisha water pipes are combustion devices so that smoke can be smoked.

Is There Anything Safe to Consume?

Judging from the working mechanism, many people state that electric smokers are safer because there is no combustion process. Others argue that charcoal smokers are safer because they are predicted to be a more ‘natural’ way. In fact, both remain activities in which a person intentionally inhales smoke into the lungs. For this reason, they remain at risk of causing various respiratory disorders.

Abandoning any type of cigarette is the best option to maintain your health. However, it is not uncommon for smokers to find it difficult to deal with nicotine addiction and smoking habits. If you have difficulty quitting smoking.

There are now many smoking cessation consultation clinics that will be guided and supervised by medical personnel. Consult the best and most effective smoking cessation method compared to vaping and shisha use, so you can start concrete steps to quit smoking. Let’s live a healthy life by staying away from cigarette smoke.