4 Steps How To Dispose Of Hookah Coal

How to dispose of hookah coal
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How to dispose of hookah coal – Even if you maintain the cleanliness of your hokah quite well, every once in a while you need to do a thorough cleaning to make sure the hokah produces the best flavor. because basically light hookah charcoal consists of several different basic materials that help ignite coal quickly which expends only a small amount of power.

For this reason, this article was created the following are the step by step and process of how to dispose of hookah coal work which has been divided into four steps namely hoses, small parts, rods, and vases / bottles.

4 Steps How To Dispose Of Hookah Coal

  1. Remove the hose from the hokah bottle

The hose you use to inhale the smoke is connected to the hokah, but not permanently. Carefully turn the hose from one side to the other to loosen it from the bottle, after which pull it until the hose comes off.If the hose seems to be attached very strongly, it is best to keep twisting rather than tugging forcefully. Do not use too much force so as not to damage the hokah.

  • Blow through the hose

You can do this step every time you finish sucking hokah – it only takes two seconds. Put your mouth on the spout of hokah that you usually use to suck, then blow it tightly. That way, you force out all the stale smoke that stays inside the hose and can affect the flavor you choose the next time you want to smoke.

  • Rinse the hose if it can indeed be washed

Do this whenever you feel that your tobacco tastes bad – at least after about 10 uses. If the hose is made of rubber or plastic and is labeled “washable”, you can rinse with water after 4-5 uses. Never use soap or other chemical products when washing hoses – just pass regular tap water through the hose.

  • Turn the tap in the sink, placing one end of the hokah hose under the stream of water. Make sure that water flows through the hose.
  • Position one end of the hose to ensure that water pushed through the hose flows back into the sink.
  • Let the water drain through the hose for 30 seconds, then turn off the tap.
  • Lift one end of the hose high so that water can flow out of the hose.
  • Hang the hose somewhere and place a towel under it to collect the water dripping from the hose as it dries.
  • Do not use the hose until it has completely dried completely.
  • Remove the remnants of particles from the hose that cannot be washed

If the hose is made of non-washable material, you will have to rely on strength and wind to be able to clean it of dirt particles that may accumulate after many uses.

  • Bend the hose so that both ends are in one hand.
  • Using moderate force, hit the hose hard against a soft but sturdy object to release the remnants of the particles inside.
  • The sofa can be a suitable object for hitting a hose. Do not choose surfaces that may damage the hose, such as sidewalks or brick walls.
  • Blow through each end of the hose as tightly as possible to eject the remnants of the particles.
  • Connect the hose to a vacuum cleaner or air compressor (such as a bicycle pump) if you’re having trouble maximizing lung strength.

Must Be Considered

Wash the hose with water only if the hose can indeed be washed and Do not use hot water for the bottle if it has just been used with ice. Sudden changes in temperature can cause the bottle to crack.