9 Step by step How To Light A Hookah Coal

How To Light A Hookah Coal
How To Light A Hookah Coal

how to light a hookah coalIt is worth immediately thinking about what coal is best to choose for hookah? Among the many options in the store, you can easily get confused. True connoisseurs of pure cigarettes sometimes choose hookah Coal, the price of which is quite affordable – starting from 200 rubles for 1 kg. Its main difference lies in its unique and pleasant aroma that you can fully reveal the taste of tobacco.

People who like to experiment with smoking often try to combine different types of charcoal and tobacco to create an original flavoring duo. For this article it was created because the explanation below will tell how to light a hookah coal because of the Correctness of the hookah smoking procedure and get the maximum pleasure of hookah coal directly depends on the preliminary preparation of its various components.

Step by step How To Light A Hookah Coal

  1. Began to empty coal. Simply put to see more or fewer pieces.
  2. make a stick about 1 cm wide so that later it lights up better.
  3. When everything is cut, we put the result blanks in a metal container.
  4. Cover the container with a lid. The lid should have holes about half a centimeter in diameter and as tight as possible.
  5. After that is to light the fire evenly.
  6. Because of the thick-walled pot, the fire had to be made big. If the walls are not too thick – optional. When the temperature in the Hookah container reaches the appropriate level, then the smoke will come out of the hole or part of the lid, then a stream of fire.
  7. When the fire stopped coming out of the hole, everything was ready.  Wait until the fire is extinguished and then plunge the resulting coal into another container.
  8. Let the charcoal cool and settle down a little. After the fire is lit, there is no need to buy coal because the results obtained can come out very quickly.. So it is mandatory to heat it on the stove as long as possible.
  9. When the charcoal is heated, you can remove it and, in general, suck the hookah. Basically The smoke from hookah coal is the same as commercial coal smoke.

And the first thing to note is the embers hookah. Prices for them are low and almost the same in all stores. The average ranges from 90-100 rubles for 1 package.

How do you replace hookah charcoal?

Sometimes there are situations when everyone will suck hookah, and suddenly it turns out that natural coal does not exist. Then the best option would be to take electric coal. It is easier to use and you can always take it with you.

If such a device is also absent, then there is nothing left but to use the most ordinary coal obtained in the process of starting a fire. Then you must first, of course, make a fire, then carefully pick up hot coal, clean from the remnants of natural wood, and put it in a bowl. It can slightly defeat the smell of hookah, but you can do it easily without special charcoal in an emergency.

There are several things that must be considered about Hookah Coal

When lighting coal, always read the instructions first. Each type of this substance has its own individual characteristics of use. Follow his recommendations – and then smoking will be a pleasant process, without problems and incidents. And, of course, remember that tobacco and hookah charcoal should only be purchased in trusted stores. Today, they often try to slip fakes instead of natural ingredients, but such a nuisance can be easily avoided simply by carefully reading information about the composition and other product data.