How To Light Hookah Coals And How Long Does It Take To Ignite

How To Light Hookah Coals And How Long Does It Take To Ignite
How To Light Hookah Coals And How Long Does It Take To Ignite

how to light hookah coals – If you are new to preparing hookah at home, knowing how to properly ignite hookah charcoal is the most important basic step. They are the heating elements that tobacco needs to cook and create clouds and flavors.

Before we try how to light hookah coals, we need to review some important safety recommendations. If for some reason you need to start a fire indoors, it is best to open the windows if possible and keep the embers away from the pet at all times.

How To Light Hookah Coals

The most common way to How To Light Hookah Coals is with an electric stove. You’ll want to find burners with coils, such as the Fumari Hookah Coal Burner. This burner is a single coil and is the most efficient way to ignite coal. Avoid electric burners with a flat top, as they do not provide oxygen to the bottom of the coal and are not enough to illuminate the entire coal.

If you are using a home stove, we strongly recommend that you only light coal at the top of the coil or stove that runs out of gas. You may need to replace the coil due to damage from hot coal however, coil replacement can be done for as little as $10-20 and is easily replaced.

Previous experience has shown that rolls should be replaced after about a year. For a gas stove, it is useful to have a stainless steel mesh for putting charcoal on it. This allows the charcoal chamber to breathe well and reduces exposure time. Do not light the coals on the electric stove! Coal leaves permanent marks and can actually damage the surface of your stove.

Other methods of how to light hookah coals also exist, such as on a fire or an outdoor grill. This is a situational option depending on where you smoke, but it works well as long as you make sure the coal is actually burning. You can also buy a camping stove that runs out of gas. We generally only recommend this as an option if you plan to camp or other outdoor use. Another option is to use an inflatable torch, but this is impractical and requires you to hold the torch until the coal is lit.

How Long Does It Take To Ignite Hookah Coals?

It takes about 1 minute for Hookah Coals to quickly turn on completely. When the charcoal begins to burn, leave it on top of the tray until it is completely lit (it will turn gray with ash and fiery red) and place it in the center of the bowl. Charcoal contains an accelerator, so make sure it is fully lit before using. For coconut charcoal, put the charcoal on your favorite stove and put it on fire. After about 5 minutes, when it is half cooked, the charcoal needs to be turned over.

Once fully lit, you can put it in a bowl and enjoy your session. Again, make sure the lights are fully lit before you start smoking. You’ll know that it’s fully lit when the coal is fully coated with a bright ash coating and glows red/orange. The whole process of ignition of coconut charcoal takes about 8-12 minutes, depending on the size of the coal.

that’s it! I hope this article helped you learn more about How To Light Hookah Coals And How Long Does It Take To Ignite. Following and understanding these guidelines is also very important to ensure quality smoking sessions.