How to Set Up a Hookah Using Aluminum Foil

When buying your first hookah pipe, you may have reasonable questions about how to set up a hookah using aluminum foil. Hookah, or water pipe itself is a traditional Middle Eastern smoking device that has become popular all over the world.

There are several ways to set up this hookah, but the basic steps still apply. Hookah can be prepared using ordinary aluminum foil and heat management system. The tutorial below will show you how to set up a hookah using aluminum foil.

Necessary materials To arrange Hookah

  • Hookah
  • Hookah bowl
  • Water
  • shisha tobacco
  • aluminum foil
  • board
  • Foil Poker
  • Hookah tongs
  • fork
  • Charcoal hookah
  • electric burner

Step by step How to Set Up a Hookah Using Aluminum Foil

  1. Separate the glass rod and the base

Some hookahs have rods screwed into their base, while others have rods tied with rubber grommets that must be twisted or pulled to separate.

  • Fill the bottom of the hookah glass with cold water

Then, How much water should be put in this hookah? When reattaching the stem, make sure that the bottom is not submerged by more than 1-1.5 inches. If you do not add the right amount of water, the smoke will not be filtered well. Also, too much water can make it difficult to suck. Try it in a few times and you will be proficient in using it.

  • Join the rod to the bottom of the glass

Make sure it fits. Then attach the hose to the hookah through the hose port. The next step is to Place the tray on top of the stem.

  • Put 3 coals on the electric stove and turn them on

It is not recommended to use lightning-fast charcoal because the smoke has an unpleasant odor. One of the best recommendations is to use natural hookah coal.

  • Spoon hookah with a fork and place it in a bowl.

The size of the cigarette depends on the size of the bowl. Burning tobacco can emit an unpleasant odor, so blood vessels can be removed. Tobacco should be gently packed 2-3 mm below the edge of the bowl without getting too close to the foil. At the same time, pack as smoothly as possible so that the air can flow freely.

  • Make a pencil-wide funnel in the middle of the cigarette for better airflow
  • prepare foil

Now prepare the foil so that it can be wrapped in a bowl. Cut a sheet of aluminum foil and fold it in half. Wrap the foil around the top of the bowl and make a small hole in the cylinder with a poker. When finished, attach the hookah bowl to the stem. Don’t forget to use a rubber grommet to ensure an airtight seal.

  • Check your coal

Next you need to look inside the hookah charcoal. If it is bright red, use hookah tongs to place it around the edge of the bowl. Spread the charcoal evenly over the top of the bowl to prevent uneven heat distribution. This will make the cigarette hotter and burn faster.

  • Give the charcoal time to warm up the bowl before you start smoking

Add new bright red coal as your smoking session resumes hookah.

Things to watch out for

  1. Hot coal can be dangerous, so make sure it is handled with a steady hand.
  2. Just like other forms of tobacco smoking, smoking hookah carries great health risks.
  3. Use only clean water in your hookah. Never pour other liquids such as milk, juice, or alcohol other than water into your Hookah coal.The purpose of water is to filter smoke and reduce its harmful health effects. Using hookah with other liquids can make you feel sick and potentially contaminate your hookah with pathogens if not washed off.