4 Simple Guides How to Smoke Hookah Without Coals

Simple Guide How to Smoke Hookah Without Coals
Simple Guide How to Smoke Hookah Without Coals

How to smoke hookah without coals Hookah is a typical Middle Eastern style of tobacco smoking that has become a trend among the people of the world. Hookah’s way of smoking is different from how to smoke tobacco in general. Hookah has a device in the form of a tube which will then be filled with water in the vase.

Many beginner and intermediate hookah smokers do not give the full weight of the hookah when preparing their hookah. This is a simple guide on how to smoke hookah without coals correctly for quality smoking sessions at all times.

Some Simple Guide How to Smoke Hookah Without Coals

Things You’ll Need

  • Hookah
  • Hookah
  • Fire or tobacco heater

Lighter Method

  1. Place loosely packed hookah into a clay bowl. Put it on your hookah tongs.
  2. Cover the clay bowl with a metal or aluminum foil screen. If you follow that route, make a few holes in the foil. Aluminum foil can ignite when exposed to open flames and can emit odors or chemicals, so use as much metal mesh as possible.
  3. Hold the lighter slightly over the bowl and inhale firmly through the hookah hose. Do not hold the lighter for too long because coal will only slightly burn the hookah and emit smoke. You won’t get a cloud of swirling smoke like you get with coal, but you can get shards.
  4. Repeat this process every time you want to smoke.

Tobacco heaters

  1. This device is a plug-in actuator that produces stable heat, not open flame, and can be purchased at a tobacco store or online.
  2. Install the tobacco heater to the top of the clay bowl and place the heating element on top of the hookah. Start with a low temperature setting so that the hookah does not burn. Some heaters are equipped with clips, but you may need to attach or clamp another heater to the hookah itself.
  3. Inhale through the hookah hose until you get a sufficient amount of smoke.
  4. Adjust the temperature setting until you find a temperature setting that produces a sufficient amount of smoke. Even with a good tobacco burner, you won’t get a puff of smoke like you get from coal.

Definition of Hookah Cigarettes

Today, hookah is gaining popularity among people and has become part of the lifestyle. Hookah has been widely used by many people of different social statuses with different ages. The smoke has a fruity aroma so quite a lot of people are curious to try it.