3 Method How to Use A Hookah Without Coal

How to Use A Hookah Without Coal
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How to use a hookah without coal Smoking shisha with hookah is a popular way of smoking tobacco. Shisha slowly burns tobacco soaked in ingredients such as molasses, honey, sugar, and glycerin to produce a large volume of light, flavorful smoke. Generally, to fumigate shisha, place a metal bulkhead or aluminum foil on top, and then place charcoal on it.

However, if you are in an emergency, you can try how to use a hookah without coal. Hookah itself contains addictive nicotine and causes the same problems as smoking other types of tobacco. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this shisha in the USA.

3 Method How to Use A Hookah Without Coal

  1. Clay Bowl Method

Place loosely packed shisha into a clay bowl. Put it on your hookah tongs. Cover the clay bowl with a metal or aluminum foil screen. If you follow that route, make a few holes in the foil. Aluminum foil can ignite when exposed to open flames and can release odors and chemicals, so use a metal mesh whenever possible.

Hold the lighter slightly over the bowl and inhale firmly through the hookah hose. Do not hold the lighter for too long because coal will only slightly burn the shisha and emit smoke. You won’t get a cloud of swirling smoke like you get with coal, but you can get shards.

  • Tobacco Heating Methods

Buy a tobacco heater. This device is a plug-in actuator that produces stable heat, not open flame, and can be purchased at a tobacco store or online. Install the tobacco heater to the top of the clay bowl and place the heating element on top of the shisha. Start with a low temperature setting so that the shisha does not burn. Some heaters are equipped with clips, but you may need to attach or clamp another heater to the hookah itself.

Inhale until a lot of smoke comes out of the hookah hose. Adjust the temperature setting until you find a temperature setting that produces a sufficient amount of smoke. Even with a good tobacco burner, you won’t get a puff of smoke like you get from coal.

  • Coconut shell method

An easy and portable way to smoke hookah without coal is Coconut shell. Generally, to fumigate shisha, place a metal bulkhead or aluminum foil on top, then place a coconut shell made into charcoal on top.  Well, you can always light a match and use it in such a way, although sometimes it is not that easy there are many other substances that can be used to make smoke.

Like Cover a clay bowl with a metal screen or aluminum foil. Keep the shisha loose so that the air flows. Use coal tongs to transfer hot coal to foil or sieve on a hookah bowl. Place the charcoal evenly around the edges of the foil or so that it hangs slightly over the edges. If there is a problem with coal, use a blowtorch to thoroughly heat the coal.

What is the safe way to Use Hookah?

You can use a blowtorch to thoroughly heat coal. Using an electric stove for hookah charcoal is an easy way to start a hookah session. Generally, a metal or aluminum foil screen is placed on it and charcoal is placed on it to fumigate shisha. If you want to get the most out of your hookah experience, the first step is to choose to use natural hookah charcoal, as it tastes better and your smoking sessions last longer.

They are designed to illuminate with minimal time and effort and without the need for other large or expensive equipment. Cover the hookah bowl with aluminum foil and make many small holes. Sear up to 3x longer than other charcoal. Its use is very similar to using hookah.