7 Cool Coconut Shisha Charcoal Shapes for Your Hookah

7 Coconut Shisha Charcoal Shapes for Your Hookah

coconut shisha charcoal

coconut shisha charcoal

Coconut Shisha charcoal comes in vast varieties. It may come in handy since you will have many options. However, if you’re just starting to try shisha, it can be quite confusing to choose. You can choose based on its shape as a starting point. Here are seven shisha charcoal shapes that can be used for your hookah device.


Circle or disc is the most common shape for quick-lighting shisha charcoal. For beginners, it’s better to avoid circle-shaped charcoal unless you are sure of its composition. Quick-lighting charcoal usually has chemical accelerants like benzene or sulfur. The chemical addition is dangerous for your health in long-term usage. Moreover, the chemicals in quick-lighting charcoal can spoil the shisha tobacco taste. You won’t be able to get the best taste from your shisha session.

Quarter circle

This type of shape is exclusively designed for lotus and razor-style heat management systems. The perk of quarter circle-shaped charcoal is the flame quality. It burns well in low-temperature fires. However, his type of charcoal is quite small and easy to lose its shape, making it hard to handle, even with tongs.


The next type is flat-shaped Coconut shisha charcoal. This coal looks like a flat beam bar. Flats are suitable for short shisha sessions since they don’t have a long-running time. You can combine flats with foils to get better sweet clouds. Due to its thin exterior, it’s best not to combine flats with heat management devices or chimney sets. The specific devices will burn the charcoal in no time.


Cube is probably the most popular shape for coconut shisha charcoal. This type has a dice-like appearance with six equal sides. The balanced surface makes the cube stable during the burning process. It also makes the coal burn slowly in low temperatures. Since it comes in a variety of sizes, you can use cube coal with a hookah bowl or screen setup hookah.

To get better results during your shisha session, make sure to rotate the cubes regularly. Don’t forget to pick natural charcoal cubes. It will enhance your favorite shisha tobacco. You can consider cube shisha charcoal from Pohacee. With 100% coconut shell charcoal, Pohacee charcoal is guaranteed to give you the best shisha experience.


Cubettes are like hybrids that combine flats and cubes. It gives a good burn like cube-shaped charcoal but has flat’s shortcomings. To get a good shisha session with cubettes, make sure to use a hookah bowl with foil. Avoid chimney sets or heat management systems since cubettes have short longevity.


Stick shape is the most popular type of shisha charcoal in its place of origin: the Middle East region. It looks like a long cylinder with a smooth surface. The long surface makes this charcoal shape have a long burning time and can transfer heat to the tobacco better.

To make it easier to use, sticks usually have breaking lengths. It may vary depending on the size you pick. You can get stick-shaped charcoal from Pohacee. Stick charcoal from Pohacee only uses natural material like compressed coconut shells, leading to a long burning time until 80 minutes!


The last charcoal shape is cuboid. It’s like the twin of stick-shaped charcoal since the appearance is pretty similar. It has a long build too, but instead of a cylinder, it has a rectangular body. Its flat equal surfaces make the cuboid have a good balance. However, the cuboid’s sharp edges are sensitive to heat spikes. It’s better to be cautious on cuboids since many quick-light charcoals with binder chemicals come in this shape.

So, which shisha charcoal shape is going to be on your shopping list? Make sure to pick only charcoal with good quality ingredients. Avoid coals with chemical additives since they may risk your health. Pohacee with 100% natural compressed coconut shells is the best choice for you. Find your own taste with Pohacee now!





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