All You Need to Know about Natural Hookah Charcoal

All You Need to Know about Natural Hookah Charcoal

Have you heard of natural hookah charcoal? As the name implies, this type of charcoal is used to heat the hookah. Charcoal is perfect for hookah since it provides consistent heat and doesn’t directly burn the shisha tobacco, unlike other heat sources like butane torches or water boilers.

Natural Hookah charcoal is essential in hookah smoking. Its role is just as significant as the hookah device itself. Without charcoal, the shisha tobacco won’t burn and the device can’t produce smoke. For hookah smokers out there, here is a brief introduction to natural hookah charcoal.

What is natural hookah charcoal?

Hookah Charcoal

Hookah Charcoal

Charcoal plays an important role in hookah smoking. It does not only work as a heating agent but also enhances the taste of shisha tobacco. Have you ever smoked hookah and then gotten a sudden headache when inhaling the smoke? It is most likely caused by the charcoal used in the hookah heating process.

Charcoal with chemical addition tends to produce heat faster. However, the chemicals can affect the smoke quality. Instead of white and odorless smoke, chemical charcoal will release an unpleasant smell that changes the taste of shisha tobacco.

The charcoal used for hookah is made from various ingredients. As mentioned before, there is charcoal made from chemical ingredients like benzene. This chemical is very flammable so it can be lit quickly (approximately 30 seconds).

If you are not in a rush and want to experience the best hookah, try natural coals. Usually, it comes from compressed coconut shells. Compared to chemical coals, natural coals take a longer time to light.

What is natural hookah charcoal used for?

It is mainly used to provide the heat required to cook your shisha tobacco and produce smoke. To use the charcoal, you need to light it up first. After it is lit, put it on the hookah foil and place it evenly. Do not pile the coals on the center of the foil since it can char the shisha tobacco.

Let it warm up for 3-5 minutes. The warmed hookah will enhance the shisha taste and be easier to inhale. Good-quality charcoal will last longer and does not easily char the shisha. So it is important to pick the right natural hookah charcoal before you start.

Types of hookah charcoal

Hookah charcoal has different types. Usually, they are categorized by the ingredients. Each type has pros and cons, you can choose it based on your preference. Let’s compare each type of charcoal to know which one is perfect for you.

  1. Quick-lighting hookah charcoal

First is quick-lighting charcoal. As its name suggests, this type of coal is quick to light. Usually, it only takes approximately 30 seconds to light. It can be possible due to chemical accelerant ingredients like benzene. The accelerant allows the charcoal to be easily ignited, even with a regular lighter.

However, the coal’s strong point can turn into a downside at some point. Quick-lighting charcoal has relatively short endurance compared to other types of charcoal. Another downside to consider is the smell. This type of charcoal tends to produce a stinging odor which can affect the shisha taste.

  1. Natural hookah charcoal

Natural charcoal is usually made from compressed coconut shells. It does not contain any chemical accelerants like quick-lighting charcoal. Without any accelerant, this type of charcoal needs a longer time to ignite.

Also, natural charcoal cannot be burned with a regular lighter; you will need a bigger heating device like a coil heater. The longer lighting time makes this type of charcoal has more longevity. It also does not affect the taste of shisha tobacco since natural hookah charcoal has no chemical content.

  1. Silver hookah charcoal

The third type is silver charcoal. This one is like a hybrid between quick-lighting and natural charcoal. It has chemical accelerants just like the quick-lighting type, but the amount is just not as much. Usually, it comes in thin silver film coating the coal. Due to the smaller accelerant content, silver coal will produce a medium level of heat and a milder odor.

Which hookah charcoal should you use?

Then, which one should you take? If you want to get the best taste from the shisha, avoid charcoal with chemical content since it can spoil the taste. Hookah-smoking will taste much better when you savor it leisurely, so make sure to pick coal that does not easily char like natural hookah charcoal.

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