Differences between Quick-lighting and Natural Shisha Coals

Differences between Quick-lighting and Natural Shisha Coals

Hookah charcoal is the source of the heat for your hookah-smoking session. It heats the shisha tobacco inside the hookah bowl to produce those sweet smokes. Charcoal plays an important role in the quality of your hookah setup. Good-quality coals will produce better-tasting shisha clouds. On the contrary, bad-quality coals can spoil the taste and may even affect your health.

Here in this article, there are two types of coal to compare; quick-lighting and natural hookah charcoal. Which one should you take?

Quick-lighting hookah charcoal

As the name implies, this type of charcoal can be lit in no time (around 30 seconds). It’s very easy to ignite, even with a regular cigarette lighter. Quick-lighting coal is made from multiple sources combined. It may contain natural sources like bamboo.

However, to be easily lit up, quick-lighting hookah charcoal always contains chemical binders or additives. It is a must for quick-lighting charcoal to have chemical accelerants like benzene, butane, or sulfur.  

  1. Convenient for traveling or a quick smoke

Since it doesn’t take long to light, quick-lighting charcoal is very convenient for a quick smoke. It’s also easy to burn, perfect for traveling. You don’t need a complicated device to ignite this coal; a simple cigarette lighter is enough.

  1. Contains a lot of chemicals

The downside of quick-lighting charcoal is its chemical contents. Quick-lighting charcoal needs a chemical binder or additives to be burned immediately. These chemicals will bring an unpleasant odor that affects the shisha flavor. Chemical accelerants like benzene are very toxic and cause many dangerous health problems.

  1. Releases a lot of carbon monoxide

Due to the chemical content, quick-lighting charcoal tends to release a lot of carbon monoxide. It can be harmful to people around you, especially in an indoor space. In a closeted space, a lot of carbon monoxide can cause gas poisoning which is very harmful to your body.

Natural Shisha Coals

natural shisha coals

natural shisha coals

Another type of shisha charcoal is natural shisha coals. As the name suggests, this type of charcoal is made from natural ingredients. The most common ingredients are compressed coconut shell, bamboo, lemonwood, and orangewood.

  1. It takes a while to light

The drawback of natural charcoal is the burning time. It takes a while to light and cannot easily burn. You will need additional devices like a single-coil burner to light the natural shisha coals

  1. Made from natural materials

Let’s talk about the perk of natural shisha coals. The natural source brings all good in this coal. Material like coconut shell or lemonwood can enhance the shisha tobacco taste since it is odorless. Coconut also doesn’t have a strange burn after-taste, perfect for an enjoyable shisha-smoking session.

  1. Releases less carbon monoxide

Another perk of natural charcoal is the amount of carbon monoxide produced. Without any chemical accelerant, this type of charcoal doesn’t release much carbon monoxide. Less carbon monoxide means less ash and a better-tasting hookah experience!

Then which one to pick? Quick-lighting shisha charcoal or the natural one? It depends on your needs. If you are in a rush and don’t have a single coil burner, quick-lighting charcoal is perfect. However, you should consider the health risk from the chemical additives inside. Chemical content like benzene is toxic and can trigger serious health problems in long-term exposure.

For a better hookah session, choose natural shisha coals. With no chemical accelerant, it tends to burn at a lower temperature so the shisha tobacco won’t be easily charred. Natural charcoal like coconut coal is also odorless so it can bring out the flavor more.

Pohacee with 100% coconut hookah charcoal and no chemical accelerant is perfect for your next hookah session. It has no odor, no spark, no crack, less ash, and is smokeless. With a longer burning time (80 minutes), it is perfect to savor your favorite flavored shisha tobacco. Grab one here!





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