Get the Best Quality of Shisha Charcoal Indonesia at Pohacee

Get the Best Quality of Shisha Charcoal Indonesia at Pohacee

shisha charcoal indonesia

shisha charcoal indonesia

Getting the best quality of shisha charcoal can make or break your session because using the bad one can completely ruin your smoking experience. It’s important to get the flavor you desire by considering buying environmentally friendly shisha charcoal like the one from Pohacee. This made-in-Indonesia shisha charcoal is one of the best that is worth buying, so take a look at the full information below!

Provides environmentally friendly shisha charcoal indonesia

You can get environmentally friendly shisha charcoal indonesia at Pohacee. We produce charcoal briquettes ash by request made of 100% coconut shell according to the required color and quality. It is environmentally friendly because no tree was cut to manufacture this product. 

As the global leader in barbecue & hookah charcoal suppliers located in Jakarta & Blora, Indonesia, Pohacee has been manufacturing high-quality and best charcoal made from natural ingredients. These include hardwood such as alam petak, rambutan, tamarind, guava, halaban, and mangrove. 

Our shisha charcoal is made from coconut shells with 2.5 hours-long burning time which is the healthiest option for yourself and also the environment. No extra chemicals are added so it’s safer compared to other products and can last an entire hookah session without the need to change charcoal even once.

Only produces high-quality shisha charcoal indonesia

At Pohacee, we have a mission to maintain the production of high-quality charcoal for barbecue and hookah. With a quality control process, the company seeks to ensure that our product is maintained at high-quality. Made from 100% natural and eco-friendly charcoal ingredients, all shisha charcoal indonesia products from Pohacee are odorless and smokeless.

You don’t have to worry because according to the specifications, we guarantee to deliver consumers 100% natural coconut charcoal briquettes with the highest quality. We also partner with an independent laboratory to test each batch of raw material individually to make sure the ash, moisture, and carbon content of the product.

We keep the samples of each batch of charcoal briquettes so that we can produce repeat bulk order with the same quality and specification. You are also welcome to check and monitor its production and container staffing at Pohacee’s charcoal briquettes factory.

Comes in various shapes and types

Shisha charcoal Indonesia at Pohacee comes in various shapes and types, which are:

  • Wood charcoal – The wood charcoal burns around 1000 ºF with consistent heat for 2-3 hours of easy cooking. It is best used for grilling, smoking, and outdoor cooking.
  • Hookah charcoal – Made of 100% coconut from Sulawesi and Sumatra island, hookah charcoal comes with a minimum of 2.5 hours of charcoal burning. You should try Pohacee hookah charcoal to taste a different hookah experience.
  • Barbecue charcoal briquette – This one is made from hardwood, sawdust, or coconut with 3.5 hours minimum time of charcoal briquette burning. Natural binders and filler, including coal dust, are the ingredients combined to create characteristic shapes (pillow or hexagonal) that are manually compressed.
An experienced and reputable company

Founded in 2017, Pohacee understands that for a business to be successful, all of its components must be reliable. As an experienced and reputable company, your trust is guaranteed because reliability is applied to the performance of individuals, products, processes, and data in Pohacee.

At the moment, we can supply charcoal briquettes in bulk for up to 500 metric tons per month. All of these charcoal briquettes are made of coconut shells. Besides Indonesia, Pohacee also exported coconut charcoal briquettes to other countries including the USA, Canada, Germany, Turkey, UAE, Australia, Russia, and Brazil.

So, what are you waiting for? To get the best experience of shisha-smoking sessions, make sure to only use good-quality shisha charcoal from Pohacee. You can find Pohacee’s products on Alibaba, Trade Key, Go4worldBusiness, or many other B2B marketplaces.


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